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      RoboCT Donated to the Education Foundation of Zhejiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine2022-07-07

      Recently, RoboCT donated one million RMB to the Education Foundation of Zhejiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The donation ceremony was held at the Binwen Campus of Zhejiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The vice president of Zhejiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the director of the Social Cooperation Office, the director of the Education Foundation, the president of the Third Clinical Medical College, the Third Affiliated Hospital, the deputy secretary of the Par...MORE

      Witnessing the New Decade of Exoskeleton with RoboCT2022-07-06

      These days, the 6th Future Medical Top 100 Conference in 2022 was held online. The conference invited innovators in various fields to discuss and share the developments of China's medical and health industry through immersive online speeches and dialogues. RoboCT was invited to attend the conference, and was selected as one of the TOP100 Innovative Medical Device Enterprises, and won the Peng Cheng Award. With the theme of "China Story", the conference focused on five dimensions: policy, technolo...MORE

      Dr. Wang Tian, CEO of RoboCT, was Selected by VB-100 as One of the 30 Young Scientists 20222022-07-05

      Recently, Dr. Wang Tian, ??founder of RoboCT Exoskeleton, was selected by VB-100 as the One of the 30 Young Scientists of Year 2022. The 2022 Future Medical Top 100 Conference sponsored by Arterial Network adds the "Wei Lan Award - 30 Young Scientists of the Year" for the first time, hoping to find young scientists who help to accelerate the process of industrialization and capitalization of medical innovation achievements. During the conference, Dr. Wang Tian, ??founder and CEO of RoboCT Exoskeleton, ...MORE

      RoboCT‘s Bedside Exoskeleton URA Series was Approved, Entering the Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Market2022-06-09

      Recently, RoboCT's new exoskeleton product, the URA series, bedside rehabilitation exoskeletons, was approved by the NMPA (formerly CFDA) medical device registration certificate. The approval of this new product signifies that RoboCT will further deepen the expansion of rehabilitation exoskeleton market especially in orthopaedic rehabilitation. Exoskeleton Technology Fusion Helps Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Upgrade According to the China Health Statistical Yearbook data compiled by the Prospect...MORE

      RoboCT’s First Children Lower Extremity Training System Using Exoskeleton Technology has been Approved2022-06-08

      Recently, RoboCT's new exoskeleton series KidGo, a lower-limb training system for children, has obtained its medical marketing license. Children's rehabilitation is mainly for children with functional disabilities, while children are not a simple epitome of adults. In addition to functional disorders caused by diseases, children's functional disorders also include various mental disorders related to developmental delay, sports lag and other problems. Children's rehabilitation pays more attention to early interven...MORE

      Dr. WANG Tian, ??Founder of RoboCT, Won the Title of “Top Ten Youth Entrepreneurs”2022-05-19

      Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Communist Youth League, the Publicity Department of the District Party Committee, the District Youth League Committee, the District Media Center, and the District Youth Federation jointly announced the list of "Top Ten Youth Entrepreneurs". Dr. Wang Tian, the founder and CEO of RoboCT, won the title. The selection of "Top Ten Youth Entrepreneurs" aims to establish a district model of the era, and strengthen the creation of Yuhang's innovations...MORE

      Empowering Robotic Integration with Exoskeleton of Next Decade2022-05-19

      On the 17th, OFweek 2022 (11th) China Robot Industry Conference and Veken Cup Robot Industry Selection and Awards Ceremony was held in Shenzhen. RoboCT has Won the OFweek Robo Conference 2021 【Outstanding Technological Innovation Enterprise Award】 Founder & CEO of RoboCT has Won the OFweek Robo Conference 2021 【Emerging Person of the Year Award】 With the theme of "Empowering Intelligence, Creating the Future", the OFweek Robo Conference attracted both domestic and fore...MORE

      Helping the Disabled with RoboCT’s Innovative Technology2022-05-16

      On the occasion of the National Day of Helping the Disabled, in order to carry forward the good social customs of helping the disabled and fully implement the technology to help the disabled, RoboCT actively participates, gathers strength to help! The 32nd National Day of Helping the Disabled Event of Yuhang District The 32nd National Day of Helping the Disabled, hosted by the Working Committee for Disabled Persons of Yuhang People's Government, was held in Dream Town. RoboCT was invited to attend t...MORE

      Updates on RoboCT’s Brain-computer Interface2022-04-29

      As one of the representatives of high-tech enterprises in the brain-computer intelligence industry, RoboCT was invited to show its latest achievements in the special event of "Technology @ 8:30 a.m." recently. The heads of the Xihu District Party Committee and relevant departments attended the event. DUAN Shumin, the chief scientist of the Frontier Science Center for Brain-Computer Fusion of the Ministry of Education and the Chinese Academy of Sciences was invited. Academician Duan shared his ideas on ...MORE

      Exoskeleton leader RoboCT received another 100 million yuan A+ round of financing2022-02-18

      Recently, Hangzhou RoboCT Technology Development Co., Ltd., a leading exoskeleton company, announced its completion of the A+ round of financing of 100 million yuan. This round of financing was led by Fortune Capital, followed by Essence Securities and Poly Capital. The previous shareholder BlueRun Ventures continued to follow up, and Scheme Capital served as the exclusive financial advisor. The new round of financing will be used to enhance the core operational capabilities of the enterprise, maintain its leadin...MORE

      RoboCT Exoskeleton — To Create a New Choice for Rehabilitation2022-01-04

      On December 18th, 2021 Southern International Rehabilitation Forum - RoboCT's Satellite Conference was held in Guangzhou. The theme of the conference focused on "New Development of Clinical Application of Lower Limb Exoskeleton Robots". During the meeting, Professor Liu Gang, director of the Rehabilitation Department of Southern Hospital, explained in detail the clinical rehabilitation effects of lower extremity exoskeleton robots on paraplegic patients. Compared with orthotics widely used in various r...MORE

      The Executive Dean of Zhejiang Rehabilitation Medical Center Took an Investigation Visit to RoboCT2021-12-21

      Led by Ye Weijiang, the Executive Dean of Zhejiang Rehabilitation Medical Center, accompanied by leaders of the Disabled Persons’ Federation of Yuhang District, a visit group conducted an investigation visit to RoboCT on 9th of this month, to negotiate on the development of the health and wellness community. Zhejiang Rehabilitation Medical Center is a key livelihood project of the Zhejiang Provincial Government. It is a large-scale provincial public welfare, comprehensive and exemplary rehabilitation c...MORE

      RoboCT Donated Rehabilitation Sessions to the Disabled2021-12-21

      Earlier this month, RoboCT actively responded to the call of the Yuhang Disabled Persons' Federation, hoping to help the injured and disabled with physical rehabilitation sessions. RoboCT has been practicing high-tech applications to aid more disabled, and would like to pass on more positive energy through continuous and in-depth cooperation with the Disabled Persons' Federation. ...MORE

      CCTV News: RoboCT Helps the Disabled with its Exoskeleton2021-12-06

      In 1992, the 47th General Assembly of the United Nations adopted a resolution to designate December 3rd each year as "International Day of Persons with Disabilities" that people may support the maintenance of the dignity, rights and happiness of the disabled. RoboCT has been committed to the research and development and application of high-tech rehabilitation, so it has also received the attention and reports of the "First Time" column of CCTV-2 financial channel. In fact, co...MORE

      RoboCT’s Rehabilitation Assistive Device Helps the Development of Child Welfare2021-11-25

      In the middle of this month, in order to effectively promote the development of child welfare and provide a full range of services for orphans and minors, the Zhejiang Provincial Social Welfare Center (Zhejiang Rehabilitation Assistive Research Center) Party Committee and the Party Branch of Hangzhou Children’s Welfare Institute joined hands to provide services such as free repair of assistive devices and donation of assistive device accessories for children in Hangzhou Children’s Welfare Institute. RoboCT ...MORE

      Awards | RoboCT won the “Innovation Award” by China Health2021-11-23

      On November 19th, the online sharing of the tenth "Healthy China Innovation V Show" focusing on "Digital Intelligence Empowering Rehabilitation" was successfully held. RoboCT won the "Innovation Award". During the show, Zhao Qingyu, deputy general manager of RoboCT, was invited to share his thoughts on the "exoskeleton rehabilitation", during when he communicated with guests from medical institutions and representatives of other companies, and interacted with online audiences. Professor Bi Sheng, ...MORE

      「NEWS」RoboCT Works on The Integration of Exoskeleton and Brain-computer Interface Technology2021-11-10

      The Zhejiang Provincial Department of Science and Technology has completed the public announcement of the 2022 "Pioneer" and "Leader" R&D project. "The R&D and Application of Neurofeedback-guided Interactive Exoskeleton Rehabilitation Robot Product" filed by RoboCT, together with other 119 projects, has been awarded the Provincial Key R&D Projects to support Zhejiang's high-level technological innovation. It is reported that the project has cooperated with well-known universities, research institutes a...MORE

      RoboCT was Invited to Participate in the Shanghai Medical Fair to Strengthen Industrial Cooperations2021-11-01

      On October 22-24, in order to better promote the healthcare development of Medical City in the post-epidemic era, and enhance the cooperations of medical city construction operations in various regions, the 2021 Shanghai Medical Fair (the 4th National Medical Fair) ) was grandly held. RoboCT participated in the conference and exhibited its exoskeleton. Supported by the country’s policy of vigorously developing the medical and health industry, a number of large-scale shared medical citie...MORE

      Featured RoboCT Components in 2021 Hannover Shanghai Industrial Exhibition2021-11-01

      On 26-29th, the 2021 CeMAT ASIA was grandly opened at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. RoboCT exhibited its 100% independently developed and produced joint modules, mecanum wheels and omnidirectional mobile assemblies and other core component products, which enriched the diversity of the exhibition, which demonstrated the current stage of China’s industrial manufacturing level. During the exhibition, RoboCT's products received many attentions and inquiries due to their uniqueness. ...MORE

      RoboCT Led the Industrial Design Innovation with Intelligent Technology2021-11-01

      This month, RoboCT's exoskeleton UGO220 won the 2021 Design Intelligence Award ("DIA") and the second Golden Reed Industrial Design Award, and exhibit on the Outstanding Industrial Designs achievements Worldwide of the World Industry Conference. RoboCT's UFU was exhibited in the "Xiang Wai Huan Zhong" China Design and Intelligent Manufacturing Excellent Works Exhibition. Both robots were also exhibited in Hangzhou Mengqi Town (an Industrial Design Town), empowering the high-quality development of manuf...MORE

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